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Frozen Banana Photography, home of affordable freelance photography in Yorkshire (based in Sheffield).
Specializing in pet photography, where the aim is to capture your pet's personality.

Your pet portrait photograph in 3 easy steps

  1. Ben visits you on site, takes of pictures of your subject (pets, dog, cat, child etc etc) at play
  2. Photos are then made available for preview through this website
  3. Prints and digital images can be ordered through this site

Photography sessions have included

Photographic portrait of King Charles Spaniel This is not an exhaustive list, please contact Frozen Banana Photography to discuss your requirements.

No risk photography

All photos and portraits can be previewed online before deciding if you want to order prints/digital photos from your photography shoot.
So you wont lose anything if you don't like the photographs.
Visit the services page for more info!

Fast digital photography

Frozen Banana Photography use the latest in digital photography equipment, meaning photography from the session can be available for preview quickly.